CBD for Tattoos: Benefits of Getting Inked with CBD

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You have probably heard the buzz about CBD’s multi-faceted healing potential relating to anxiety, stress, gut health, better focus, lessening of seizures and aiding in alcohol and drug addiction — but have you heard about CBD helping heal tattoos?

CBD, more formally regarded as cannabidiol, is the abundant cannabinoid found in cannabis plants famous for its non-psychoactive status (this will not get you high) and long, long list of therapeutic potential for everyone from children with seizures to adults with anxiety to seniors with Alzheimer’s.

Now, researchers – as well as tattoo artists and patrons – have discovered CBD can do all of that plus help heal tattoos quicker, while also aiding in pain management as you’re in the process of getting inked.

In other words, instead of pounding alcohol to relieve tattoo pain, people are turning to CBD to cope when that needle pierces their skin.

How Does CBD Lessen Tattoo Pain?

CBD, as a topical cream, ointment, or oil, is commonly used to heal scar tissue, relieve muscle pain, and reduce inflammation. These benefits make CBD an ideal successor for significantly decreasing pain associated with getting inked up.

Here is what happens when you get a tattoo: Someone uses a sharp tool to prick and tear the tissue of your skin, over and over again, which can lead to a number of different risks of infection, even if everything is sterilized.

By rubbing CBD oil on the affected or targeted area, those risks can be minimized and the healing process may be accelerated. Furthermore, the bigger area of skin that is being compounded calls for a bigger risk for infection.

Case in point? Tattoo size matters. The larger the tattoo, the greater risk for infection. Using CBD for smaller tattoos boosts the healing process so you can work out, swim, sweat and do everything else you aren’t supposed to do for the three days after getting tatted up, faster.

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Obviously, you are still going to feel pain when you’re getting a tattoo (needles being pushed into your skin, duh), but with CBD, the pain will be lessened, the risk for infection will be drastically minimized, and the healing process afterward will be faster and will result in a better appearance.

3 Major Benefits of CBD For New Ink

CBD functions threefold in the case of tattoos — a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, excellent antioxidant, and incredible analgesic (pain-relieving) supplement.

CBD is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse: CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce swelling and inflammation. When you get a tattoo, your skin undergoes severe trauma during the entire process. Having CBD on hand before, during and after to reduce pain, redness and swelling is pretty appealing.

CBD is an amazing antioxidant: Our bodies need antioxidants to keep healthy and strong. Powerful antioxidants from foods like fish oils, brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes give us pretty skin and protect our cells against damage, like a gyrating tattoo needle.

For tattoo aftercare, rub CBD on and around your tattoo to help prevent or delay cell damage.

CBD is one of the best natural analgesics: An analgesic is essentially a painkiller. CBD used in this sense can help manage tenderness, sensitivity, soreness, and itching associated with the aftermath of getting a tattoo.


Finding ways to manage everything from tenderness to swelling to itching can really go a long way in your exciting and adrenaline-induced tattoo experience, from the moment you walk into the tattoo parlor to the few days after as your body heals (better and faster!) with CBD.

CBD is a natural alternative for pain management, and is now being sold in tattoo shops because of its effective results. In fact, a growing number of hemp companies are launching CBD products aimed at the tattoo industry from CBD patches for pain relief to balms and creams designed to speed recovery.

If you are looking for a natural, safe and effective way to enhance your tattoo experience, we highly recommend CBD.

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