CBD for Panic Attacks

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1 reply, 2 voices Last updated by  Alli George 9 months, 1 week ago
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    Uri Vladimir
    Points: 65

    Does anyone out there experience panic attacks and use CBD to treat them? I know pepole take it for anxiety so I wondered if it had any effect in calming an attack before it happens if you take the CBD when you feel one coming on.

  • #1124

    Alli George
    Points: 748

    Hi Vlad!

    Great question. A CBD industry friend shared a story with me recently, so this is second-hand, but it was very impactful. He struggled with panic attacks his entire life, and in adulthood it had grown to be so severe that he would have them multiple times every day. Some days upwards of 10 time! It crippled him both personally and professionally. He discovered CBD and now takes a gel capsule (this product, specifically – https://daintri.com/product/orchid-soft-gels-cbd-capsules/) 2-3 times daily, as well as supplementing with other CBD products throughout the day (like eating CBD edible snacks, keeping a vape and oil on him, etc.). Get this – he is now down to about 1 panic attack per week! I was amazed at that remarkable turn around.

    For someone who suffers from them so severely to see such a change with CBD, I am sure others could too. Try it for yourself and I hope you see relief soon!

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