CBD Helps Dogs with Noise Anxiety from Thunderstorms to Fireworks

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3 replies, 4 voices Last updated by  WhitneyRhys 1 year, 5 months ago
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    Alli George
    Points: 750

    One of the best uses of CBD for dogs that I’ve found is using it to ease stress when loud noises occur. Like many dogs I know, my dog totally freaks out over thunderstorms, when people shoot off fireworks nearby, and other loud outside noises like ambulances and firetrucks. Although we have had her on a daily health regimen of CBD for a while, we started giving her an extra dose when we knew a storm was coming. To our relief, she was SO MUCH more calm and relaxed each time. So, when the 4th of July rolled around this year, we gave her some extra CBD around sunset knowing that the whole neighborhood would soon be lit up with firecrackers. It worked wonders! In years past she would bark and be on edge all night long and be completely anxiety ridden. But this year she was relatively unfazed!

    Even if CBD is not something you use as a daily medication for your pet, getting some to have on hand for noise stress will give you ALL some stress relief when those times inevitably come.

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    Silvia Thomas
    Points: 215

    I’m going to get some for my maltese and see if it helps her! Thunderstorms are the worst, she never shuts up!

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    Oliver Pratt
    Points: 105

    Also great to give dogs CBD treats when you travel by car. My dog hates to ride anywhere but they help him cool it.

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    Points: 95

    I have a yippy yorkie who barks at EVERYTHING. One of my neighbors gave me her pet CBD tincture to try out, and I feel like I have a new (much less annoying) dog. She is much more mellow and doesn’t freak out when my friends come over or she hears something outside. But the other day I think I gave her too much because she slept all day, so I would start small if you are just trying it out.

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