CBD on sore muscles

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1 reply, 2 voices Last updated by  Quinn Richards 1 year, 6 months ago
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    Alli George
    Points: 750

    If you’re not already using CBD creams, lotions, salves, etc. on your sore muscles from the gym, do yourself a favor and start now! You can thank me later!

    Every now and then we all over do it at the gym, whether it’s because it’s your first workout in a long time (guilty), or you felt something strain on that last rep. Sometimes it’s just general soreness. Whatever the case may be, topical CBD is your friend for sore muscles. Check out the product reviews tab for some team favorites, like this and this (smells so good!). I keep some at my desk for when the soreness really sets in mid day after sitting still at a desk for hours, plus I keep some in my purse because you never know when that soreness will really start wearing you down. Slather it on all over when you start feeling achy, and you’ll feel brand new quickly!

    I feel like CBD would be a great product for body builders, fitness competitors, and athletes of all kinds. Any athletes have CBD experience to share?

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    Quinn Richards
    Points: 260

    This is a great idea! Never thought about using it on my skin even tho i knew it was good for pain, just been taking the oil. Can you just use CBD oil on your skin or do you have to get the special creams and stuff?

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