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2 replies, 2 voices Last updated by  David 4 months ago
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    I am new here. I recently started using a CBD patch, and wanted to join a cbd discussion board to hear others exp with CBD. This patch is new to the market, but already proving to be so helpful to so many. I wear it for 24 hours, and the effects on my mood, pain in my body, energy, all much better. I am so amazed. My question to you guys is, are other ways of taking cbd as effective? I have smoked it, and eaten it but never got the effects that the patch provides. They say you lose 93% of the CBD before it gets to your blood stream if taken orally. So is the patch the best most direct way? I think so, what do you all think? Thanks for having me hear. Excited to learn more from you all about what CBD has done for you.

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    wow this is such and amazing discussion forum. No discussion. Does anyone use this site? Hello? Or am I the only one here?

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    CBD patches are great to use. I use CBD patches to calm my anxiety, also while sleeping and also you can get a CBD hangover patch to use after you get very drunk 😉

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