Vaping CBD to quit smoking cigarettes

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3 replies, 4 voices Last updated by  Zoya Khan 6 months, 2 weeks ago
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    Alli George
    Points: 750

    My friend has completely quit smoking cigarettes since he started vaping CBD about one year ago. For smokers, it gives the comforting sensation of holding and inhaling something, and also helps “take the edge off” in a similarly subtle way to cigarettes. Yet, of course, it has the added bonus of actually being healthy and beneficial to the body rather than detrimental like the poisonous nicotine.

    He recommends all smokers give CBD a try! He has tried several, but this is his favorite ( It was a gradual switch, but he says he has no desire to switch back and is even back to running regularly again since his lungs are in better shape!

    Have you tried CBD to quit smoking? Let us know your experiences in the comments!

  • #1382

    Justin Dunleavy
    @Justin Dunleavy
    Points: 65

    I am a heavy smoker (army did it to me) and my girlfriend has been begging me to stop forever. If I try vaping CBD, I don’t understand how that is healthy if you are still filling your lungs with smoke? Can you help me better understand that? Willing to try anything as I agree I need to stop it. Thanks.

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    Points: 110

    I smoke but not that much but now i feel that I have addicted to smoking and now i am really worried of this and one of my good friend suggested me of Bupron and it really helps me to quit smoking but slowly and gradually.

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    Zoya Khan
    Points: 180

    Hello Everyone, I am smoking Cigarette then My marriage life in creating some problem. because I have Suffering Smoking Erection then not proper sexual activity in my Sexual life. Then one day I have meet the Doctor then Suggest me Use Chempix Medicine and Today I have to Solve my Smoking Erection. This medicine So effective and Quick result for me. Are you face this problem then use this medicine and it’s easy to purchase online.

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